About us

We are a Custom Welding and fabrication company located in Portland Oregon gladly serving states of Washington and Oregon since 2006. We specialize in custom railing, fences, operating driveway gates and certified structural steel welding. Although we are a family owed business, we have the team and staff with proper equipment ready to tackle Commercial and residential projects. View our previous work and clients on our gallery page.

You, the client, may have an amazing vision and dream, but we have the team assembled to make it a reality. Contact us for free estimate today.

How we work

Creativity and quality is our passion, it’s what we do best. We treat every project as a new and exciting challenge. We don’t believe in ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions, we approach each and every project in a unique way.  First we’ll listen to your needs and soak in what you want to achieve, then we’ll design, advise and develop a creative response that will make your dream a reality.

Making ideas happen and surpassing your expectations is an essential part of our service. We work closely with our clients and contractors, often acting as an extension to your company.  We understand that proper communication is a key component to every relationship.

We value you not only as our client but as a person which has a need which we can help fulfill. Meanwhile, feel free to contact us for a free estimate via the Contact button!